How to add Space in PUBG Name Game, Space in User Name

Several PUBG Mobile users have yet to add special symbols to their surnames since the game regards them as invalid symbols, even when they try to put in a blank space. We’ve already encountered many players that have achieved such unique in-game nicknames,or symbols but how can we obtain the PUBG namespace symbol?

This post will go through some of the best methods for modifying how to add space in a PUBG Name with a Pubg secret name. There are guidelines for creating PUBG username symbols. As is customary, the game will display an error notice titled “invalid character error” when you edit your ID with PUBG nickname symbols. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you keep space in PUBG name.

How to add Space in PUBG Name

You are in a difficult position if you want to get space in PUBG Name. Here are some methods showing how to use the space in Pubg Name

Add space by using the character Ī.

using character

Adding blank spaces to your PUBG Mobile nickname is easy. Just follow these simple steps correctly:

  • To find the unique character Ī, press and hold the letter I for a moment.
  • Pick the Rename Card to begin changing your name.
  • In the box, write the characters you want until you want to add a space.
  • Use the character Ī by pressing and holding the letter I on your phone’s keyboard. A blank space will appear.
  • For instance, if you type RĪAĪHĪUĪL, you’ll get the name R A H U L. This is the simplest way to make a space in your PUBG name.

Copy a blank space from another player’s nickname.

blank space

An old but useful way to get the PUBG namespace symbol is to have many players use the blank space in their nicknames, even if they’re not on your friend list.

It’s a good idea to send a friend request to one of the first to see their profile later. Alternatively, you can copy the name of the top players using the steps below:

  • Go to the Rankings section in PUBG Mobile.
  • Scroll down to locate a top player whose nickname includes the space symbol.
  • Choose the player and visit their profile.
  • Copy their nickname for later.
  • Choose the Rename Card and paste the copied text into the box.
  • Edit the name, but make sure to keep the blank space symbol. If you accidentally delete it, paste the copied text again to regain the blank space.
  • Before you confirm the change, double-check the new name. You won’t see the “Name contains invalid characters” error anymore.

Use third-party websites or programs to generate the blank space sign.

If you are looking for how to have space in pubg name, Here’s another common method to how to put space in pubg mobile name: Currently, many third-party websites and apps allow us to copy the blank space symbol and thousands of other special symbols and characters. With these symbol generators, you can quickly create the most unique and impressive nickname in PUBG Mobile. These third-party websites and apps let us copy the blank space symbol and many other special symbols.

The steps follow:

  • Download a symbol generator app from the Google Play Store, such as Text Font Generator.
  • Open the app and navigate to the Symbol section. There, you’ll discover a variety of cool symbols to pick from.
  • Touch the symbol you want to use, and then copy it. Paste the symbol when you’re changing your name.

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People Also Ask

What is the PUBG space symbol?

To include spaces in your username, use these special codes: 「 」,『 』, ・, 丨, Ė, Ī, or Ė to create a space. In PUBG Mobile, these symbols won’t be visible, and the code will appear as a space.

How much PUBG space is there in the game?

For Android: Similar to the iOS version, you’ll need around 1.5GB of space to download the game. While at least 3GB is needed to install, having at least 4GB of space for smoother gameplay is better.

Final Words

This article explores several methods for adding space to your PUBG name, offering realistic alternatives for users who want to customize their in-game nicknames. It dives into the difficulties of adding symbols and spaces owing to the game’s limits while also providing imaginative alternatives. The article discusses tactics such as using special characters, copying blank spaces from other players’ names, and generating symbols using third-party websites or apps. 

These solutions allow readers to change their PUBG names, which improves their game experience. Players can distinguish themselves in the game by incorporating these techniques. Remember that originality knows no limitations, even within the confines of the gaming realm, as you embark on your journey to create your PUBG moniker. Take pleasure in your one-of-a-kind identity.