BGMI is getting a new update. It includes Livik’s official version, Core Circle mode, and more cool stuff. Players are in for an exciting time as the game marks its first anniversary this month.

Inspired by the famous Japanese anime Evangelion, the Core Circle mode offers players new skins, rewards, and bonuses. 

This mode’s fresh approach can be enjoyed in Erangel and Livik maps. Plus, there are exciting battles between EVA-01 and Evangelion’s 6th Angel in Angel. You can join in through in-game discovery events and get extra rewards for taking part after May 14.

Benefits Of This Update

The update also brings control improvements like better haptic feedback, support for sponsor match features, and a like button in spectator mode for an even more immersive gameplay experience.

The 2.0 update is also celebrating BGMI’s first anniversary. The game will have a unique lobby with in-game items and a skin sale for players. Remember, BGMI is exclusively available to play in Hindi. You may also like to read this blog What are some 3-letter names?

What is Core Circle

core update

Get ready for the exciting PUBG MOBILE × EVANGELION-themed mode. Experience the intense battle between the 6th Angel and EVA-01. Available: May 19 2:00–June 19 23:59 (UTC+0). Watch the fight on Ranked Erangel.

Supply Crates

Every part of the battleground has fixed Supply Crates. Remember to go near them and activate them to collect top-notch supplies.

6th Angel vs. EVA-01

Tap the map to find where EVA-01 starts and where the 6th Angel moves! Follow their path to see an exciting battle. The 6th Angel attacks Erangel, starting from Spawn Island. It shoots powerful beams as it moves around. Could you stay safe and avoid its attacks? EVA-01 will come from beneath Erangel to fight the Angel.

Super Recall

Did you get eliminated early in the match? No problem! If your teammates are still in the game, Super Recall lets you return with a weapon once in a half. This way, you can jump right back into the action.

Between May 19 and June 7, you’ll have Rating Protection for your first Core Circle match daily. Play without stress about your rating. Please read this blog. It will help you to choose the best names. Is Royal a boy’s name?

Defensive Fortress

Defensive Fortresses have many supplies. These supplies show up when the Angel’s attack damages them. Make sure to grab these supplies and gear up.


What is the size of the core game?

Core needs around 5GB of storage space on your HDD/SSD. And keep in mind this might get bigger with each update or new content. Make sure you have enough space on your HDD/SSD.

Is one core sufficient for gaming?

For gaming, six cores are enough. But looking ahead to future games and multitasking, CPUs with 8 or 12 cores can offer improved performance.

What exactly is core gameplay?

Keeping players at the center, core gameplay refers to the essential activities players often do. These activities are crucial for winning the game.

Final Words

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