Ultimate Guide The Callisto Protocol No Longer Takes Place in the PUBG Universe

The Callisto Protocol, a game developed by Striking Distance Studios and released by Krafton, is an exciting innovation. Recent revelations have shed light on The Callisto Protocol’s development and gameplay, notably its relationship, or lack thereof, with Krafton’s blockbuster, PUBG: Battlegrounds. 

In an exclusive interview, Glen Schofield, a notable figure with experience in creating hits like Dead Space and Call of Duty, looks into one of the game’s most pivotal parts, the link, or its progression away from the PUBG universe

Schofield reveals that The Callisto Protocol began in the PUBG universe when Krafton embarked on a mission to create a cohesive timeline, mythology, and storyline for PUBG to expand its universe through future products. This post will cover The Callisto Protocol No Longer Takes Place in the PUBG Universe.

The Callisto Protocol’s Departure from PUBG Universe

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The Callisto Protocol was unplugged from Krafton’s PUB universe. As the game’s themes became more apparent, the people at Striking Distance thought the link between them no longer felt right.

Glen Schofield on The Callisto Protocol’s Journey Away from PUBG

In the beginning, when I started in 2019, PUBG was still really big, Schofield said. “They were creating a story, a timeline, and they asked if my game could be part of it. I thought it could be interesting. Maybe having PUBG involved would be good. I did not doubt our reputation. Maybe it could help. But as we worked on it, we moved further away. The stuff like advertising or talking about sales didn’t matter. We just focused on what felt right for our game.

Krafton’s Role in Publishing The Callisto Protocol

Krafton, who owns PUBG, is making The Callisto Protocol for people who don’t know. That’s why they were connected. The change won’t be a big problem. Even when The Callisto Protocol was linked to PUBG, Schofield always said it was a faraway connection. He also said any references to the battle royale part of PUBG would be negligible. He repeated this in our story, discussing it on the cover.

Initial Appeal and Evolution: The Callisto Protocol in PUBG Universe

At first, it seemed like a great idea for us to be part of the universe. But as we created our story, we realized it was getting a bit strange. We included some small connections, like hints and surprises, in the game, like Easter eggs.

Finding Independence:

“When we joined, they had a team creating stories, like, ‘Where does PUBG’s story begin? Where does it fit? They made an extensive timeline, and our writers helped with it. We’re on the timeline but far away and on our own. So if they make another game after our time, our game might give ideas for that more than their timeline helps us.

The Game Awards 2020 Announcement

Revealed in the Game Awards in 2020, The Callisto Protocol is the idea of Glen Schofield, who made Dead Space. Before, he led Sledgehammer Games and Visceral Games. In 2019, he became the CEO of Striking Distance, a new studio, part of PUBG Corporation.

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For how long will the Callisto Protocol last?

When you look at the main goals, The Callisto Protocol takes about 10 hours to finish. But if you want to explore everything in the game, it might take you around 15 and a half hours to complete everything and get 100%.

Is the Callisto protocol still available in the PUBG universe?

The information was shared by the creative director, Glen Schofield. He said that the two projects would stay apart. He tweeted, so that you know, The Callisto Protocol has its own story and world. It’s not connected to the PUBG Universe anymore. It started in the PUBG timeline but became its world.”

Is the Callisto Protocol now a gold standard?

The Callisto Protocol, the upcoming game from experienced creator Glen Schofield of Dead Space and Call of Duty fame, has reached a significant milestone by “going gold.” This indicates that the game’s development has been completed to a stage ready to be distributed on discs.

Final Words

To summarize, The Callisto Protocol began with PUBG but evolved independently. This was done because the producers thought it would be better for the game. Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, oversaw the project. Separate from PUBG, the game has its plot. It previously had a small connection. 

The journey of the game shows how concepts alter in gaming. Schofield’s commitment to this voyage is critical. This shows that games can develop independently of where they began. As a result of its founders’ actions, The Callisto Protocol stands on its own.

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