How To Use BP in Pubg, Best Place to Use BP in Pubg

In the thrilling world of PUBG Mobile, Battle Points, or BP, are your golden tickets to unlocking rewards and customization. This guide will break down the basics of BP, what you can do with it, and how to make the most of this in-game currency. We will also share tips from the top players in the PUBG Mobile community to ensure you are BP savvy.

How To Earn BP in Game Activities

✔️ Survival

Staying alive and making it to the late stages of a match increases your BP earnings. Winning a game grants you even more BP.

✔️ Kills and Assist

Each kill and assist during a match contributes to your BP pool. Skilled players who rack up kills can accumulate BP quickly.

✔️ Daily Missions

Completing daily missions and challenges can reward you with additional BP.

✔️ Events and Achievements

Participating in special in-game events and achieving milestones often yields BP as a reward.

Basic BP Uses

best uses

✔️ Buying Skins and Cosmetics

Visit the in-game store and navigate to the Miscellaneous tab. Here, you can use BP to purchase skins for weapons, clothing, and other items. Keep in mind that these items can be a bit pricey.

✔️ Provision Boxes

BP can be used to buy Provision Boxes, but these offer limited rewards. Once you’ve obtained all the rewards from a specific box, there is no further benefit.

✔️ Consider Going Premium

PUBG Mobile offers Premium subscriptions like the Royale Pass. While these are paid, they provide better rewards, exclusive skins, and more customization options. If you’re a dedicated player, this investment could be worthwhile.

✔️ Save for Valuable Purchases

If you have been playing for a while and have acquired a substantial BP reserve, consider saving it for special items or crates that can only be purchased with BP. As you progress, you may find yourself using BP less for basic items.

✔️ Invest in Battle Crates.

You can use BP to purchase crates that contain valuable cosmetic items. Saving BP for specific crate types, like Classic Crates or Premium Crates, can be rewarding in the long run.

✔️ Customize Your Character.

Experiment with character customization using BP. Modify your character’s appearance or change their gender. This can add a fun twist to your gameplay.

✔️ Try the Royale Pass.

As a dedicated player, investing in the Royle Pass can be a rewarding experience. It provides access to exclusive rewards and challenges that enhance your PUBG Mobile journey.


What is BP in PUBG Mobile?

BP, or Battle Points, is a type of in-game currency in PUBG Mobile that you earn by playing matches. You can use BP to buy items like skins, clothing, and more.

How can I earn BP in PUBG Mobile?

You can earn BP by surviving in matches, getting kills, completing daily missions, and participating in in-game events. Winning matches also gives you more BP.

What are some smart ways to spend BP?

Smart ways to spend BP include buying skins and cosmetics, investing in Premium subscriptions like the Royale Pass for better rewards, and saving BP for valuable purchases like exclusive crates or character customization.

Wrapping Up

BP is a valuable currency in PUBG Mobile, and understanding how to use it wisely can elevate your gaming experience. Whether you’re saving up for exclusive items, investing in customization, or exploring Premium options, BP is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities in the game. So, load up your BP wallet, strategize your purchases, and make your PUBG Mobile adventure uniquely yours.

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