PUBG: Battlegrounds Partners with Hot Pockets for a Special Promotion

Battlegrounds and Hot Pockets fan, you are in for a treat. The popular battle royale game has joined powers with the delicious snack brand, allowing players to snag exclusive in-game goodies. Here is everything you need to know about this exciting collaboration. This article will explain everything about Battlegrounds Partners with Hot Pockets. 

What is the Deal with the Gear? 

Before you get too excited, you won not play a pepperoni gun in the game. Instead, there are five cool pieces of gear up for grabs: a helmet, a jacket, gloves, pants and shoes, all rocking the typical yellow and red color scheme of Hot Pockets. The jacket and pants even resemble the delicious filling of the snack itself. Also read this blog The Callisto Protocol No Longer Takes Place in the PUBG Universe.

How to Score the Gear 

Getting your hands on this awesome gear involves a few steps. First, make sure you purchase a qualifying Hot Pockets product. You can find a list of these on the official website. Once you have purchased, head to another site to enter your email and upload a picture of your receipt. After doing this, you’ll receive a code via email that you can redeem within PUBG.

A Bit of a Twist 

To collect all five pieces of gear, you must make five separate Hot Pockets purchases and replicate each procedure. Keep in mind that each person can receive up to five codes.

Why the Fuss? 

Battlegrounds and Hot Pockets has got people talking. Some folks are scraping their heads over a few questions, Only certain flavors of Hot Pockets? And why is the outfit a colorful mask reaching the snack’s filling? There’s even some banter about the game’s name change from Player Unknown Battlegrounds to PUBG Battlegrounds.

A Partnership that Stands Out 

hot pockets partnerships

Battlegrounds has a history of teaming up with well known brands, this collaboration with Hot Pockets is no exception. Gamers have until July 31 to take advantage of this collaboration, so if you are up for adding a dash of snack-style flair to your in game look, now is the time to get involved.

Time to Suit Up 

Do not wait too long; this upgrade won’t stick around forever. Make sure to buy your specially marked Hot Pockets before July 31, and remember to snap a photo of your token within 30 days of purchase. Once you’ve got your code, you can rock those Hot Pockets-themed cosmetics while you conquer the battlegrounds in style.

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How do I get the Hot Pockets-themed gear in PUBG: Battlegrounds?

You need to follow a few steps to get the Hot Pockets-themed gear. First, purchase a qualifying Hot Pockets product from the list provided on the official website.

What’s the duration of the PUBG: Battlegrounds and Hot Pockets collaboration?

The collaboration between PUBG: Battlegrounds and Hot Pockets is a limited-time offer. You have until July 31 to take part in this promotion.

Final Words

In a tasty twist, PUBG: Battlegrounds has joined forces with Hot Pockets, offering players special in game gear. Imagine wearing a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and shoes with the vibrant colors of Hot Pockets. To get these items, buy certain Hot Pockets products, then upload your receipt to get a code for each piece of gear. While some are puzzled by the process, this collaboration adds a fun flavor to the game. 

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