PUBG Kicks Off Dead by Daylight Crossover Event

PUBG Kicks Off Dead by Daylight Crossover Event has joined forces to bring players. This collaboration combines the heart pounding action of PUBG and Battlegrounds with the spine tingling suspense of Dead by Daylight, creating a gaming event like no other. Players will not only face off in a new and puzzling game mode but also have the chance to develop a range of awful makeup and skins inspired by Dead by Daylight. 

In this article, we will delve into the details of this thrilling crossover event, from the rewards on offer to the hair raising gameplay that awaits. Get ready for a gaming adventure that will send and share PUBG Kicks Off Dead by Daylight Crossover Event. Also read CORE CIRCLE OFFICIAL RELEASE.

A Thrilling Partnership

  • Battlegrounds and Dead by Daylight
  • Halloween Fun in the PUBG Universe

Eerie Rewards Await:

  • What Players Can Earn in This Spooky Collaboration
  • The Huntress, The Legion, The Clown, and The Trapper: Full Costumes Galore
  • Masks, Backpack Skins, and a Special Sacrificial Hook Pan

Even Without Cash:

  • Halloween Treats for Everyone
  • Survive the Hunt

Surviving the Hunt:

Play Now on All Platforms
  • How to Score Big in Survive the Hunt Mode
  • Survivors vs. Kille

Play Now on All Platforms:

  • Availability on PCs and Consoles
  • New State Mobile Players Also Get in on the Action

Don’t Miss Out:

  • Event Dates and Dead by Daylight Custom Matches
  • Conclusion: Get Ready for a Spine Tingling Experience.

This article discusses the exciting collaboration between PUBG and Dead by Daylight, highlighting the Halloween event’s features, rewards, and how players can enjoy the spooky festivities.

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What are the main rewards in the PUBG and Dead by Daylight crossover event?

Players can acquire various rewards, including costumes, masks, a unique frying pan skin, and more. These rewards are available for purchase in the PUBG shop.

Is the crossover event available on all PC, consoles, and mobile platforms?

Yes, the event is accessible on both PC and consoles, and it is also active in PUBG Studios mobile game, New State Mobile, ensuring that players across different platforms can participate in the Halloween themed fun.


With the PUBG and Dead by Daylight crossover event in full swing, players can dive into a spooky gaming experience filled with scary cosmetics and a unique hide and seek mode. Whether chasing survivors or trying to escape, this Halloween event promises thrills and rewards for all. Take advantage of this article and game.

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