PUBG is Crossing Over With Dead by Daylight

In a startling twist, PUBG and Dead by Daylight came together in October 2022 for a thrilling event. Imagine a puzzling fog that changed everything and made people vanish. That is what happened in PUBG’s Battlegrounds. But there is more. They created a special game mode and gave players unique rewards. Let’s explore this exciting collaboration in this article.

The Enigmatic Arrival of The Fog: 

The Battlegrounds were forever altered when a puzzling entity known as The Fog rolled in, causing the disappearance of countless people. Travels into this puzzling spectacle showed a world that was both eerily similar and different from our own. 

Ignored initially by a madman, cryptic writings on a building turned out to hold deep facts. The mission was clear: understand and confront this puzzling adversary. Also read The Callisto Protocol No Longer Takes Place in the PUBG Universe.

⭐ The Unique Game Mode: 

pubg game mod

The unique game mode featured in PUBG LABS assumed the basic structure of a standard Dead by Daylight Trial, albeit with some distinctive variations.

  • Survival in The Battlegrounds,
  • Each Trial comprised a maximum of 3 Survivors.
  • Survivors were tasked with repairing Generators to activate Exit Gates and secure their escape.
  • The number of Generators needing repair equaled the number of initial Survivors plus one.

⭐ Arming for Survival:

 Items were scattered throughout the battleground, available from Crates. These items were essential tools for Survivors to fend off the menacing Killer, including Stun Grenades, Toolboxes, Med-Kits, Smoke Grenades, and Sticky Bombs.

The Hunter’s Strategy: 

For the Killer, the objective was to outsmart and destroy the Survivors’ chances of escape. This is applied using Blue Zone Lockers for gifts, containing Generator repairs, and employing a range of weapons and tactics.

⭐ The Enigmatic Blue Zone Lockers: 

Unlike Dead by Daylight’s mechanics, the Killer used Lockers found within the Trial Grounds to sacrifice caught Survivors. Inside the Lockers, desperate Survivors could only pound on the doors to attract help, while the Locker gradually changed color from bottom to top as the sacrifice neared completion.

The Thrilling PUBG x Dead by Daylight Crossover Event: 

pubg crossing event

Krafton and Behaviour Interactive’s collaboration had a trove of spine-chilling cosmetics and exclusive in-game events for PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile.

⭐ Dress For The Hunt Event: 

Starting on 19th October (PC) and 20th October (console), this event allowed players to claim exclusive themed rewards, including Costume Sets, Masks, Backpacks, and a Pan Skin. You may also like to read PUBG: Battlegrounds New State Crossovers Assassin’s Creed.

⭐ Rewards for the Brave: 

Completing missions in the hide-and-seek event could earn players coveted rewards, such as a Lone Survivor Outfit Code in Dead by Daylight and a Spray Item.

⭐ Haunting Celebrations in Dead by Daylight: 

Not to be outdone, Dead by Daylight also marked Halloween with its ‘Haunted by Daylight’ event, featuring challenges, puzzling air, makeup unlocks, and more from 11th October to 3rd November.

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What Was the PUBG and Dead by Daylight Crossover?

The crossover was a special event where PUBG and Dead by Daylight teamed up. In this event, PUBG had a new game mode inspired by Dead by Daylight. Players could join in and win cool outfits for their characters.

How Could I Join the Event?

You just had to play the particular mode in PUBG during the event to join. If you complete at least one game, you will get a special outfit for one of the Dead by Daylight characters, Dwight. It was a fun way to enjoy both games together.


The shocking fusion of PUBG and Dead by Daylight brought gamers a memorable blend of horror, strategy, and exclusive rewards, proving that collaborations between iconic titles can deliver unique and thrilling experiences.

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