PUBG Dev Reveals Violent New Fantasy Game

Krafton, the publisher behind PUBG Battlegrounds, has announced an exciting new project that leaves smartly from the battle royale genre. This upcoming game is based on the dark and beautiful novel “The Bird That Drinks Tears.” Let’s delve into the details: We will explain PUBG Dev Reveals Violent New Fantasy Games in this article. If you want more information about this, read the article below.

Project Windless Revealed

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The revelation of this project comes under the banner of what was previously known as Project Windless. Krafton introduced it to the world through an Official Concept Trailer to absorb viewers in the game’s aesthetics and atmosphere. It’s crucial to note that this venture is entirely separate from PUBG Battlegrounds and other works by Krafton.

✔️ Team Windless at the Helm

The development of this new game falls under the capable hands of Krafton’s Team Windless, and it’s currently in the early stages of creation. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Team Windless, as Project Windless was initially revealed as a multimedia collaboration. It all started with a four-book Korean novel series titled The Bird That Drinks Tears, conceptualized by artist Iain McCaig and brought to life by Krafton’s Team Windless. 

An art book by McCaig was already in the works, and now, there’s this good trailer for an upcoming game. There may be more surprises in store as this project unfolds. Also read that PUBG has Banned in India.

✔️ Unveiling the Trailer, A Dark and Violent Fantasy

The concept trailer for this project is nothing short of unsettling. It shows a man wielding a sword, gruesomely decapitating a woman. A gruesome line is shown in reverse, with brooding narration from the man layered over the violence. 

There’s a touch of eerie magic as the woman’s severed head appears to retain some form of life. It’s a troubling glimpse into what promises to be an incredibly dark fantasy world.

Gameplay Hints and Inspirations

gameplay hints

While the trailer doesn’t provide direct gameplay details, one can’t help but draw comparisons to popular dark fantasy games like The Witcher and Dark Souls. Given that The Witcher is also based on a series of dark fantasy books, it’s a parallel that’s hard to ignore. However, the Team Windless project highlights action more than traditional RPG elements.

✔️ Monsters and Complexity

Concept artist Iain sheds some light on the project, explaining that, The Bird That Drinks Tears is a history filled with monsters and nightmarish elements, where distinguishing between good and evil isn’t always straightforward. Beneath the surface brutality, McCaig highlights factors of slapstick, absurdity, and intelligence that contribute to the story’s depth.

✔️ A Targeted Audience: Edgy and Dark Fantasy Enthusiasts

If Krafton aimed to capture the attention of a younger, more anxious gaming audience, the trailer certainly succeeded in delivering a dark and visceral experience. A similar strategy worked well for another Krafton game, The Callisto Project. However, much work must be done to fully convey the fantastical world and narrative that inspired this project. Fortunately, there’s ample time for Krafton to unveil more information in the years to come.

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What’s the game about?

The game is inspired by The Bird That Drinks Tears novels. It is a dark fantasy adventure by Krafton. While we don’t know all the game details yet, it looks intense and action-packed, like The Witcher and Dark Souls. Get ready for a new kind of fantasy with monsters and exciting stories.

Do I want to know more about the game?

The game is based on a book called The Bird That Drinks Tears. It is a dark fantasy game made by Krafton. Even though we don’t know exactly how it plays, the trailer shows it’s full of action. Think of it like The Witcher and Dark Souls. There are lots of monsters and exciting stories to look forward to.


Krafton’s new venture into dark fantasy promises to be a unique and immersive experience, drawing inspiration from The Bird That Drinks Tears novels while exploring the complexities of human nature and a world filled with monsters and mysteries. As development progresses, we can expect more glimpses into this intriguing project. Stay tuned for further updates.

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